Sportsman Tracker Raises $950k To Bring Hunters Into The Smartphone Age

Hunting is one of the oldest social activities. Even if the hunter goes out alone, there’s always a story to tell or a lesson to be learned. That’s where the Sportsman Tracker comes in. The app, which just raised $950k, aims to give hunters key information before they go out into the woods.

The Michigan-based company is today announcing that it raised just shy of a million led by Huron River Ventures and Start Garden, with additional investment from Detroit Innovate, Muskegon Angels and Karis Capital Partners.

The app provides maps, hunting and fishing locations and a way to record results from the field. The company says its proprietary algorithm will tell hunters and fishers when and where to go.

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This app tells you which friends stress you out, make you happy

Apps and wearables make it easy to track everything about your life — steps walked, hours slept, your heart rate. But a new app called pplkpr aims to quantify your relationships, collecting data about your social interactions and stripping it down to determine how you really feel when you talk to certain people.

Developers Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald launched the app (pronounced “people keeper”) to allow users to look at spikes in stress or excitement levels when interacting with others.

It might be obvious that a phone call with mom might kick your heart rate up a few notches, but biometric data could reveal a few unexpected findings, too. For example, working with one colleague could bring on more anxiety than working with another, or Friend A could leave you feeling way more happy than Friend B.

The duo conducted a week-long study with eight students at Carnegie Mellon University. Pplkpr works with any Bluetooth 4.0-enabled tracker that incorporates GPS and heart-rate monitoring, such as the Polar H7 chest band and the Zephyr HxM.

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This app tells you what to wear — based on your wardrobe and the weather

We’ve seen hundreds of apps devoted to organizing your finances or fitness. How about fashion — specifically, harnessing the power of technology to declutter your wardrobe?

ClosetSpace tackles this area by combining curated outfit suggestions with the items in your own closet, allowing you to put together a stylish sartorial system at no extra cost.

Fire up the app and you’re presented with the option of adding items to your profile, from shoes to shirts to accessories. Anything you add can be tagged with brand, fabric, size, color, price paid and where you purchased the item.

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Chinese Education App XueXiBao Raises $20M Series B From SoftBank And GSR

XueXiBao, a homework help app, is the latest educational tech startup in China to receive funding. SoftBank China Venture Capital, an arm of the Japanese telecom giant, and returning investor GSR Ventures led a $20 million Series B in the company. XueXiBao announced tXueXiBaohe investment on its Weibo page last week.


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Google Translate boosts its real-time credentials with language-detection for spoken conversations


Google is lifting the lid on a big update to the Google Translate mobile app, one that promises to expedite the translation process while on the move.

Indeed, the instant translation movement is getting a major boost this week, as Google Translate will soon be able to detect which language is being spoken when you tap the microphone on your device. This better enables a real-time conversation to take place between two different languages.

So let’s say you’re asking for directions, you’d ask the question with the microphone positioned near your mouth, then Google’s dulcet robotic tones will re-ask the question in the language you stipulate. Thereafter, the conversation will automatically be translated between the two tongues, without having to do anything other than talk while holding your phone aloft.

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Ad Company Crossboard Mobile Acquired By Flatiron Media And The Berry Company

Crossboard Mobile, an ad-tech company with a focus on helping businesses find sales leads, has beed acquired by two different companies, according to CEO Steve Oriola.

Founded in 2008 as Pontiflex, the company rebranded as Crossboard Mobilemidway through last year.

However, it’s been pretty quiet for the past few months, and I reached out to Oriola after receiving an anonymous tip that the company had sold off its assets and was shutting down. He confirmed the sale, adding that Crossboard was sold in two parts because it was “effectively in two businesses.”

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What Factors Indicate Your App Will be Successful

Mobile app usage is on the rise and the rivalry scene is more robust than ever. Apps present useful content and functionality used in a wide range of applications from business to game, educational to sports, and many more.

There are many factors that indicate your mobile app will be successful. But the truth is, there are only four solid factors that indicate the probability of success for the long-term.

Easy to Understand, Easy to Use

As a rule, people prefer apps that let them easily understand its purpose and how it functions. As much as possible, the app name should explain what the app offers. Simplicity and ease of use tend to create interest, and makes the user feel rewarded. Most users go into the app with less concern about how many fancy features it has, and more concern about functionality and a rich, engaging user experience. Users should be able to easily navigate through your app and take advantage of all the features. Keep in mind that a great app needs to be easy to use and probably the most important, compatible and functional for all platforms versions and devices.

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