3 Ways Responsive Leaders Learn to Lead Themselves

It’s easy to lead others. But when today’s business climate includes untimely squalls and unpredictable tsunamis, it’s difficult to know how to lead yourself.

While many leaders rely on proven past methods (often learned in B-school), others are taking new approaches that help them transcend what they already know. These fresh methods help them handle the day-to-day, while becoming responsive to other things that matter.

One of these “new” methods is a coaching approach that has been used with individuals, now making its way into the C-suite.

“The ‘coach approach’ asks leaders to define who they want to be at this moment and in the future,” says Jennifer Antolak, president of Learning Journeys, a life coaching academy. “And it’s about helping others understand that we support their choices.”

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6 min read 10 Ways Entrepreneurs Think Differently

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Think Differently
Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of people. While some people sit and fantasize about the glamor of being their own boss and creating their own business, those in the thick of business ownership understand that even considering all its rewards, entrepreneurship is a difficult and complicated path.

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs aren’t the ones who impulsively quit their jobs to chase a get-rich-quick idea. They are the ones with an entrepreneurial mindset — a set of perspectives and values that allow them to achieve greatness.

These 10 perspectives are differentiators you’ll need to have or develop if you’re going to be a successful business owner.

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Online Survey And Form Builder Typeform Raises €1.2M

Typeform, the Spanish startup that takes the heavy-lifting out of creating user-friendly surveys and other types of online forms, including payments, has raised a €1.2 million further round of funding, led by London­-based VC Connect Ventures. Existing backers Point Nine Capital, and RTA ventures, also participated, along with Mariusz Gralewski, CEO and founder of DocPlanner. The fresh capital adds to the €550,000 previously raised by the Barcelona-based startup.

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The 1 Email That Every Salesperson Must Master

In “How to Write a Killer Sales Email,” I explained how to use email to start up an email dialogue with a potential customer. This post describes the other end of that sales process–the email you send to close the deal.

A proposal email is different from the formal sales proposal written in response to an official request for proposal. I discuss formal sales proposals in “How to Write an Executive Summary.”

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Magic and the CEO — Applying Lessons Learned From the Stage

Upon seeing a magic trick for the first time, a child is filled with awe, wonder and excitement and left thinking about greater possibilities. That’s because a magician knows exactly how to draw people in and engage and encourage them to believe in what they saw.

Selling a belief is at the core of magic, as it is in business. Prior to my becoming the CEO of Perfecto Mobile, I worked as a magician. The many tricks and magical acts that I performed in front of a wide range of audiences provided lessons about being a leader, a presenter and getting people to believe.

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Handy Acquires London-Based Home Services Startup Mopp To Quickly Grow Its UK Business

A few months ago, on-demand home services startup Handy opened up its first international office and launched services in London. In an effort to quickly grow its business there, today the company is announcing it’s acquired local competitor Mopp, which also provides home cleaning services in select U.K. markets.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Handy co-founder and CEO Oisin Hanrahan characterized the acquisition as a multi-million dollar, all-stock transaction that will effectively serve to merge the two businesses in London.

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Be a Better Leader by Pondering these 4 Philosophers

The contemporary emphasis on instant gratification has seeped its way into almost every aspect of our lives–from the creation of credit cards to fast food to smartphones, we rarely have to wait for anything. But mindfulness and thoughtfulness are important for leaders to practice. You need be decisive, but if your values and beliefs get swept away by the fast pace of life, your behavior can change in negative ways.

As a leader, you need to give yourself time for self-reflection and think about philosophical issues like “values, character virtues, and wisdom,” David Brendel, an executive coach and philosophical counselor, writes in Harvard Business Review.

Brendel cites a recent study that found the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), a critical region of the brain for evaluating emotional, motivational, and cognitive information, is activated during times of self-reflection. “Activating the ACC via self-reflection, in other words, can promote business success by helping leaders to identify their values and strategic goals, synthesize information to attain those goals, and implement strong action plans,” he writes.

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