You Won’t Believe How BuzzFeed Gets You to Click on Its Links

Let’s say you’re sharing a blog post from your website, or a microsite for a new contest. Your first thought is probably, how can I make sure as many people as possible click on this link? Your next thought is probably, let’s use classic search engine optimization rules and include attention-grabbing keywords that will make the content show up at the top of Google search results.

BuzzFeed, which knows a thing or two about getting clicks, says that is not, in fact, the way to attract an audience. The digital publication lets its writers and editors create “social URLs” that can be quirky and fun, as opposed to highlighting SEO keywords, according to an article on Digiday.

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myFormula featured

What is myFormula?

myFormula is an application that allows you to create and store formulas for easy reference. Think of it like a math cheat sheet that you carry around on your smartphone. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

Here’s how the app works. You use it to create various mathematical equations. You can make things like the Pythagorean Theorem, Quadratics, and other math things that may take a lot of time to do by hand. Once you create the equations, you simply input the variables and the app will give you the answers. It’s a fairly simple app that you can use to create a lot of the more tedious equations.

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6 smart productivity strategies for business travelers

Just because business travelers are out of office, doesn’t mean they’re not at work.

According to Expedia, 39% of business travelers say they spend more time working on the road than they do in the office. That statistic was likely much smaller a decade ago, when Wi-Fi was less prevalent and smartphones were in their infancy.

Today, however, business travelers have become adept at setting up mobile offices on the fly — whether at the airport, in the car or in their hotel room. There’s no reason to fall behind just because you’re on the road.

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Google Launches Interactive Games on Times Square’s Biggest Billboard Ever

Content marketers are taking it to the streets – and to stadiums, subways, and bus stops. With the vast majority of marketers using content to build their brands, it’s no wonder marketers are expanding the ways their content gets delivered.

Experiential marketing is nothing new — from billboards to sandwich boards, brands have a history of engaging consumers outside their homes. In recent years, however, out-of-home media spend has been among the fastest-growing categories – global spend is expected to exceed $40 billionn by 2018, according to PWC. The large canvas, the emergence of digitally powered signage, and the hyper-local nature of outdoor advertising have all contributed to the growth. Still, while the format may be known, today’s top marketers are innovating they way they use experiential marketing to tell their brand stories.

Connect your experiences.

Like all digital campaigns, the best ones move seamlessly across screens, formats, and platforms. When Qualcomm took over this bus stop for its “Born Mobile” campaign, the brand interwove print, mobile, and out-of-home to give unwitting bus takers the ride of their lives. The experience was very share-worthy: this video compilation of the stunt has racked up more than 3.7M views. Continue reading

News Corp Makes First Investment In India, Putting $30M Into Real Estate Site PropTiger

Beyond telling the news through Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal and other news companies, U.S. media giant News Corp also makes news with strategic investments. Today the company announced its first deal in India: it has paid $30 million for a 25 percent stake in Elara, the startup that runs real estate portal, which has sold more than $1 billion in property through its platform to date and also offers real estate advice, is not News Corp’s first foray into this segment. The media firm owns Move, which operates in the U.S., and it also has a 62 percent share of REA, which operates in Australia.

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Oops AppLock

What is Oops AppLock?

Oops AppLock is a security application that allows you to lock applications and unlock them using a pattern code using your volume keys. It’s useful for those who may want to keep the kids or other people out of personal apps and adds a layer of security to your apps. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

This is one clever application. It shows up in your app drawer as K Note and when you open it, acts like a simple note taking app. However, you can set a password using your volume keys (the default is hitting the volume up key three times) to bypass the charade and get to the actual security app. From there you can manage which apps get locked and which apps do not. Each app can be assigned a key unlock which consists of up to four entries and uses your volume keys exclusively. Thus, you can lock your gallery app with volume down, up, down, up and then lock your messaging app with up, up, down, up.

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I Sold My Google-Backed Startup for $75 Million Yesterday–and I’m Scared to Death

My most recent startup, Smarterer, was just acquired by Pluralsight–and I’m genuinely scared to death.

It’s not because the acquisition isn’t 100 percent the right outcome. Combining the visions of Smarterer and Pluralsight makes our future nothing short of astronomical, and by being acquired we delivered an incredible financial return for Smarterer shareholders.

So, why am I so scared?

Because we are entering the incredibly complex, insanely demanding, highest-likelihood-of-failure, fourth trimester. It’s the stage of growing a company no one talks about–because in the startup journey, after an acquisition, many consider the story complete. Reporters focus their energy on the next rocketship, and investors go back to hunting other prey. Yet for the company acquired, the journey continues to unfold, and actually, the most challenging mile lies ahead.

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